4 points to eliminate procrastination and turn it into an asset

4 points to eliminate procrastination

4 points to eliminate procrastination and turn it into an asset ?

How to eliminate procrastination ?

Being profitable in life is everyones aim. But most of us fail to avail the golden possibilities and alternatives, life presents us. The main purpose behind that is we develop into victims of procrastination. Procrastination is a synonym for laziness. We get so lazy generally that we expect that we have now a very long time to perform the duty, figuring out the duty can take extra time we assumed.

Then we are likely to do work in final moments and most of individuals fail to carry their endurance and get tensed to that extent that they make conditions worse or do the issues in a flawed or ineffective method. After that we mourn over our procrastination however now nothing could be restored. Thus, to emerge profitable one must eliminate procrastination and this than be executed in following method:


1. Getting organized, the first lever to eliminate procrastination

First of all in the event you really feel you might be sufferer of procrastination it’s essential get organized. Get organized from as we speak. The greatest strategy to begin is along with your room. Organize your room, your time, your life and your issues. The sense of group will carry stability in you and you’ll have a tendency to remain organized, thus each time you see something out of order, you’ll place it in a correct place. Slowly with passage of time you’ll imbibe a order in you, serving to you to beat your procrastination.


2nd point: Make a routine

The subsequent factor is to make a routine. Take your month-to-month planner with you and write down your quick time period in addition to long run objectives and likewise jot down methods to perform these duties. Make a behavior of doing the issues as talked about in your routine and ensure to say even minor issues like ironing of garments in your routine.

Though initially, you will see it exhausting to comply with the routine however as soon as in the event you began sticking to it, you’ll dwell the behavior of doing issues at specified time period. This will assist you to in engaging in your objectives in a well timed method and thus you eliminate behavior of not doing work on time.


3. Drawing your future plans

Drawing your future plans holds one other benefit too. Earlier you had no work to do and will sit idle for hours but when you already know what it’s essential do earlier than hand, a stress will at all times be there on you to do the issues in well timed method, in any other case your different work will hamper.


4. Manage your time severely to prevent you from procrastinating

Along with planning, managing your time in a productive method at all times assist you to eliminate procrastination. You want to complete the duties within the allotted time interval and this organizes your way of life. Moreover, in the event you begin managing your time nicely you may be at all times left with loads of time on the finish of day permitting you to hold different actions which was not possible earlier on account of your procrastination.

The most essential side to eliminate your procrastination is to construct simply do it angle. Always assume its now or by no means everytime you really feel like skipping the work or job that must be achieved and you’ll at all times eliminate procrastination.

If you find it difficult, keep track of how long each task takes you to complete. Now that you know how long a task will take you, plan it. Do the most time-consuming or tedious tasks before the others. Force yourself to finish everything. As a reward, the rest of the time can be spent on what you enjoy doing the most.


How to Make Procrastination Work for You ?

Everyone, to some extent, procrastinates. We all delay issues that we don’t wish to do. That doesn’t imply we do nothing. Au contraire! Most procrastinators get a lot executed; it simply isn’t what’s most essential or pressing.

Procrastination is the artwork of doing one thing else when there are extra essential issues to do.

There is a strategy to make procrastination give you the results you want. Since all of us have this ability to various levels of proficiency we would as nicely put it to make use of.


The act of delaying is the true reward of procrastination. Until now you won’t have considered it as a present, however it’s. Many folks get overbooked and overload their schedules with actions and commitments they don’t wish to do as a result of they stated sure earlier than they actually considered it.

Delaying is a good way to forestall over- scheduling and saying sure to issues you need to decline. When somebody asks you to do one thing, reply that it’s essential examine your schedule. Ask for a day or two to consider it and inform them you’ll get again along with your reply. Use procrastination as a device to forestall your self from getting overbooked.

Procrastination will also assist with getting a lot done. I do know it sounds unusual, nevertheless it works exceptionally nicely. The trick is to have a serious undertaking that wants completion, however that you just don’t wish to do it. My home was by no means cleaner than once I was engaged on my dissertation. My husband really caught me exterior cleansing the kitchen rubbish can with a toothbrush.


getting organized - eliminate procrastination

When he requested what I used to be doing I replied, “Avoiding working on my dissertation.” I knew exactly what I was doing and it worked. I got a lot accomplished including my dissertation.

The key is to leverage the advantage of procrastination. Let it move you to complete all the jobs you want to get done. You will still have time to complete the big job you have been avoiding.

Procrastination has a nasty repute, however the fact is that it could possibly assist you to accomplish an incredible deal. Use procrastination to your benefit. Use it to delay saying sure to the whole lot.


This method you’ll give your self time to assume, and also you received’t get overbooked. It will even assist you to get issues executed as a result of, when you’re procrastinating, you aren’t simply sitting round.

You are doing any job to keep away from doing what it’s essential be doing. That is okay, and really you’ll get twice as a lot executed. So cease beating your self up and luxuriate in perfecting the artwork of procrastination.

As we said, procrastinating is not necessarily a bad thing because in the end you are doing what you love to do and that is important! The real questions are: what do I really like to do? How can I make it productive or profitable ? Just ask yourself the right questions.


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