Perform online tasks from home and earn money online in minutes

Perform online tasks from home and earn money online in minutes

Perform online tasks from home and earn money online in minutes

I am going to tell you about Jobboy. This is one of the best websites offering many jobs that you can easily complete in minutes.

You can do these jobs in a few minutes. This site is very famous because many people want to work from home. On the other side, companies add mini jobs daily to advance their business. This concept concentrates millions of workers in the world! Whaouh!

Of course, not all of them use it on a regular basis and that’s the best way to earn nothing. So you have to be persistent! As you see here, these tasks can be paid $2, $1.16, 0.40, $0.20… So go ahead and accumulate all those small amounts that will add up to a nice payout!


First, you must register on the official site here. Once you have done this, update your information in the configurations.

Then click on “find a job” to see the list of jobs you can do.

The site gives you an estimate of how long it will take. For example, 5 minutes to get $1.16. If you are comfortable with your tools, you can go faster of course!

By clicking on the tasks, jobboy site will tell you how to complete the assignment and what proof you need to provide for it to approve the operation. Some tasks are paid quickly and others take a maximum of 24 hours to get the money. You will receive an email if the proof is validated.



What tools will you need ?

If possible, create a Google account dedicated to this activity. There is nothing mandatory, it’s just to make it clearer when you are going to perform the tasks.

Use a screen capture extension like “Nimbus” (this is what I use) or other, it’s 100% free, you have to go in the “extension” menu of your search engine.

You don’t always earn the same amount per minute or per hour! It depends on the ad.


What other types of jobs?

You can get a dollar for a simple file to download… 0.10 cents for following a company on Twitter or something… 20 cents for a registration on sites (hence the interest of having a dedicated mailbox so that it does not clutter you) etc.

Some companies are very well known, others not at all, you will find everything! You are not obliged to finish a mission or to carry out a task, you are paid if you respect the proofs to bring.


Use this site as a springboard

I see you coming and you’re going to tell me that it may not be your business to click here or there for a few cents!

You should know that some people are doing it for real and are earning their living on the net this way!

If I talk about springboard, it’s because by doing the tasks with Jobboy, I discovered a lot of micro-tasks, micro-jobs that I never got with my search engines!

So I compared all these websites where you can earn money online by clicking or doing actions.

Isn’t it interesting, for example, to earn some coins by playing video games? Of course it is! Usually I pay to play and I don’t earn anything!
Isn’t it interesting to visit blogs, to learn about niches? Or about communication techniques?

Or visit sites that sell web traffic to make themselves known? In short, what I mean is, use these tasks to earn money but also to gain experience and to mature your future projects.

Yes, I will share my findings on the site, don’t worry! But anyway, I learned a lot and I’m sorting out the sites that really pay per click and I stopped the ones that don’t pay enough!

Jobboy in any case remains a very decent site that I continue to use!


Click here to Visit JobBoy website