I saved $575 for a second of discomfort

Today, I need to share a small victory.

Like all people, I’ve flaws. One of mine is that I hate confrontation. It’s a household factor. I’m unsure why, however none of us like battle. Sure, this trait has some upsides. My brothers and I do not get into numerous arguments and fights with our household and mates. And after we do have battle, we do our greatest to resolve issues shortly.

But this battle avoidance has some huge downsides. When attempting to make peace, for example, we’re doubtless to offer far an excessive amount of in an effort to achieve compromise shortly. Plus, we do not like to barter. Negotiation is, inherently, battle. No thanks!

In my life, that is particularly problematic in circumstances the place I would like to face up for myself. Let me offer you an instance.

Recently, the roof of our dwelling developed a small leak. After making an preliminary evaluation, I made a decision it was an excessive amount of for me to deal with one my very own. I referred to as a neighborhood roofing contractor.

“We can be out tomorrow,” stated the person who answered the telephone. “But there’s a $250 minimum charge for the trip. That $250 can be applied to the first hour of labor, then each additional hour is $150. Plus, we’ll charge you for materials, of course.”

“Sounds fine,” I stated.

The roofing firm referred to as me at 8:16 the following morning to let me know they have been on their manner. They confirmed up about ten minutes later.

I crawled into the attic with one of many roofers to point out them the issue. “That’s not so bad,” he stated. “We can fix that quickly.” And they did. At 9:06, the roofers waved goodbye and instructed me the workplace would ship an bill. Because they’d been on website lower than an hour, I figured the invoice can be perhaps $400 or $500.

Yes, I famous the time after I was interacting with the roofers. I at all times attempt to do that when working with contractors who cost by the hour. And, as you may see, it is good that I achieve this.

Last weekend, I acquired the roofing firm’s bill. They had billed me $850. That may need been okay if there have been some justification for the cost, however there wasn’t. The line merchandise was imprecise.

“What’s wrong?” Kim requested. She might see that I used to be silently fuming on the piece of paper in my hand.

“The roofing company charged me about twice what I was expecting to fix that leak,” I stated.

“Uh oh,” she stated. After a decade collectively, Kim knew the foundation downside instantly: I used to be going to have to interact in battle. If I did not need to pay $850, I must problem the bill. “You’re going to have to call them, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I stated. “Yes, I am.”

I hated each second of it, however I did name the roofing firm.

“Hey,” I stated. “I’m trying to figure out this invoice you sent. I know your guys were here less than an hour, so this charge can’t be for time. Did they really use $600 in materials to repair our roof?” I used to be calm. I used to be well mannered. I used to be confused.

“Let me check on that for you,” the workplace supervisor stated. “I’ll call you back.”

The subsequent day, the man referred to as me again. “I apologize,” he stated. “That’s our mistake. You’re right. We were less than an hour and we used very little to fix your roof. Ignore that invoice. We’ll send you a new one for $275. I’m sorry this happened.”

I do know this may sound very, very primary to most of you, however I used to be happy with myself on this second. For me, this was a small victory. Despite dreading the battle inherent in asking about the issue, I did so anyhow. And in doing so, I saved myself $575!

While this has in no way cured my battle avoidant nature, the expertise has demonstrated that it will possibly typically pay to face up for your self when you recognize you are proper. A few minutes of discomfort yielded a $575 revenue. That’s a fairly rattling effective price of return. Now I merely want to recollect this outcome the following time I’m confronted with the prospect of one other uncomfortable name…