The leak in our lavatory ceiling

Ah, the fun of homeownership.

Remember the peeling paint within the lavatory ceiling that I discussed final week? The peeling paint that I felt sure was as a result of humidity from the bathe and lack of enough air flow? Well, I used to be unsuitable. The paint is peeling as a result of we have now a leak within the roof.

It appears to be a small leak, however it’s a leak nonetheless.

Monday morning, I seen that there was a tea-colored water stain within the space the place the paint had peeled. “I don’t like that,” I believed, and I snapped a photograph.

I drove as much as the household field manufacturing unit, the place my brother and I spent a number of hours ready for Mom to be discharged from the hospital. While we waited, we sorted by way of her paperwork to make sure we had all the things so as. We up to date her personal-finance data. We chatted concerning the future.

In the tip, Mom was not launched from the hospital on Monday, so I drove residence within the heavy rain. When I arrived, I checked the water spot within the lavatory ceiling. Had it grown? It had.

[Photo: A *bigger* stain in our bathroom ceiling]

So, I ventured into our attic for the primary time.

Crawling round at nighttime, I managed to find three roof leaks. None of them had been excessive — there was no water pouring in anyplace — however all had been most definitely leaks.

Yesterday morning, I climbed on the roof to see if I might find the sources. I couldn’t. Although I helped set up a roof as soon as way back — again in 1993! — I’m no roof professional. I poked and prodded on the shingles, however I could not discover any apparent injury. (The supply of a leak, in fact, is not at all times the place the leak manifests. The injury may very well be upslope and working underneath the shingles earlier than it finds a spot to drip.)

Because our attic had no walkways (which means that as a way to transfer round up there, I needed to transfer from joist to joist), I purchased ten low cost boards at Home Depot. I hauled them up the ladder and into the attic, then nailed them down as a way to make it considerably simpler to maneuver by way of the cramped house. After that, I moved in to get a more in-depth view of the leaks.

Ultimately, I made a decision there are two (presumably three) issues:

  • There is a really small leak — a seep? — coming from the chimney. This is probably going as a result of issues with the flashing, which the house inspector had referred to as out in August. This seep wets a rafter, however I can not discover any indicators that it ever drips. The insulation and joist under weren’t moist, and I can not discover something inside the home that will present earlier issues.
  • The bigger leak, the one which spurred all of this, is close to a photo voltaic tube. The wettest space is close to the downslope a part of the photo voltaic tube, which is sensible, however the upslope a part of the roof is moist too. To me, this means that the leak may very well be above the photo voltaic tube — or that your complete space across the cut-out is problematic.
  • The third drawback spot is about twelve inches downslope from the photo voltaic tube. This is likely to be a 3rd leak, however it may also be residual run-off from the larger leak upslope. I do not know.

After three hours mucking round with the roof, I got here inside to do analysis on the interwebs. Is this one thing I can repair myself?

I made a decision that whereas repairing leaks is theoretically non-difficult, it is not one thing that I’m certified to deal with in the course of Oregon winter. If this had been summer season and I had time to fiddle with the shingles, fantastic. I’d attempt it. But it is not summer season. It’s a really moist winter (as at all times), and I’m afraid that if I started to tinker, I’d make issues worse.

I referred to as the consultants.

The man who answered the telephone on the roofing firm requested me some questions concerning the situation. “This doesn’t sound too bad,” he stated. “We’ll send somebody out tomorrow or Thursday. If this is as simple as it sounds, he should be able to fix it in an hour or two.” I positive hope so! There’s a $250 cost only for popping out (which incorporates the primary hour of labor), then it is $130 for every further hour. Plus supplies, in fact.

While I do know that issues like this occur with homes — particularly older houses like ours — I can not assist however be somewhat distraught. We simply bought a house that wanted fixed repairs (though by no means on the roof, humorous sufficient), so I’ve a little bit of PTSD. These roof leaks are most likely a minor one-time blip. I get that. But the cynical facet of me worries that that is an sick omen.

When we purchased this home, Kim and I talked about future modifications we might wish to make. There’s not a ton to do, however there are a number of bigger upgrades we might wish to deal with.

We hate the carpeting within the bedrooms, as an illustration. It’s an off-white that stains simply and exhibits each little bit of dust and particles. Yikes. I needed to interchange the carpeting earlier than we bodily moved in. Kim satisfied me to not. In retrospect, we must always have completed it.

The largest mission we might wish to deal with is reworking one (or two) of the loos. We have three loos however no bathtubs. Because Kim and I each wish to soak, it is a nuisance. Now that we’ll must repaint the ceiling within the corridor lavatory, I’ve begun toying with the concept of taking the chance to truly transform that room this summer season — and to do it myself. It could be a problem, little question, however I believe it is likely to be enjoyable.

We’ll see…