Frozen Pipes? Here’s How to Thaw Them

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During wintertime, the chance of frozen pipes will increase significantly.

The excellent news is that in lots of instances, you possibly can thaw them out your self pretty simply.

In this information, we’ll check out tips on how to inform in case your pipes are frozen and what to do if they’re.

How to Tell if a Pipe Is Frozen

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Let’s begin by wanting on the clues that may inform you in case your pipes are frozen. Here are the six most important indicators:

  • Little or no water popping out of the faucets
  • Gurgling sounds if you open the faucets or flush the bathroom
  • Unpleasant smells coming from the drains
  • Low water stress
  • Pipes really feel chilly to the contact or are lined in ice
  • Bulging pipes

Thawing a Frozen Pipe

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Now that you simply’ve decided that your pipes are certainly frozen, let’s see how one can repair the issue.

Turn Off Water on the Mains

Before you begin thawing your frozen pipes, at all times shut off the water provide. This manner, if the pipe has burst or cracked someplace alongside the road, you’ll decrease the chance of extra stress increase, in addition to potential flooding.

Keep Taps Open

This will enable the water to pour out of the pipe because the ice begins to soften and likewise releases the stress contained in the pipes.

Thawing Exposed Pipes

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If the frozen pipe is definitely accessible, for instance, within the kitchen or toilet, there are a number of easy methods to thaw it. The easiest way is utilizing a hairdryer.

Start by thawing the pipe from the part closest to the tap, then steadily work your manner alongside the size of the pipe till it’s fully thawed. If the pipe is made out of PVC, keep away from making use of direct warmth for too lengthy, as this will harm the pipe.

As a substitute for the hairdryer, you may also use electrical warmth tape wrapped in a spiral across the pipe. For metallic pipes, you may also use a handheld warmth gun.

Applying scorching towels to the frozen pipes additionally works and can be used on bulkier gadgets, resembling rest room bowls or rest room tanks during which water has frozen.

Avoid utilizing a blowtorch, propane heater or any open flame for thawing. The danger of damaging the pipe and even beginning a hearth isn’t value it.

Thawing Pipes Inside Walls

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If you’ve thawed out uncovered pipes however you’re nonetheless not getting any working water, it’s doubtless that pipes are frozen contained in the wall.

In this case, begin by rising the temperature in your house for a number of hours till the blockage is melted. To facilitate heat airflow to the partitions, depart any cupboard and wardrobe doorways open.

You can even use an infrared lamp or a fan heater pointed on the wall to assist velocity issues up.

Work Slowly

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When thawing pipes, it’s at all times greatest to work slowly and steadily. Sudden temperature modifications can lead to stress increase within the pipe because the ice melts, which will increase the chance of bursting.

Know When to Call a Plumber

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Thawing a frozen pipe is a reasonably easy DIY job. But if you happen to suspect that the pipe has been frozen for a very long time, say over every week, it is perhaps value contacting an area plumber.

This is as a result of the longer a pipe stays frozen, the extra stress builds up till the pipe will burst. Also, if you happen to discover any leakages after thawing the pipes, there’s an opportunity they’ve already burst.

If that occurs, maintain the water turned off the mains and get in touch with a plumber as quickly as attainable.

You must also think about calling a plumber if the frozen pipes are tough to entry. To some extent, you possibly can attempt to thaw enclosed pipes by yourself. But if it seems such as you’ll have to chop out a piece of the wall to get to them, hiring knowledgeable is one of the simplest ways to go.

Do Pipes Always Burst if They Freeze?

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Just as a result of a pipe has frozen doesn’t essentially imply it’ll burst. It’s value maintaining in thoughts that it’s not the ice itself that makes the pipes burst however the stress increase inside them.

Also, not all pipes have the identical danger of bursting in the event that they do freeze, with PVC and copper pipes being extra inclined to bursting than PEX piping, for instance.

However, the chance is there whatever the piping materials used, which is why it’s at all times greatest to keep away from attending to this state of affairs.

Having residence and pipe insulation, maintaining a relentless indoor temperature, and shutting the water provide if you’re away for prolonged durations are simply a few of the issues you are able to do to guard your pipes in winter.

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