The seven habits of extremely efficient folks

Because I’ve been driving backwards and forwards from Corvallis to Portland a lot these days to take care of my mom and cousin, I’ve had ample to time to hearken to audiobooks. I discover that I’m really grateful for the chance to “read” on this vogue. (Like many people, the previous decade has destroyed my consideration span and skill to learn for lengthy intervals.)

I’m presently studying Stephen R. Covey’s basic The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. (Five stars on Amazon in 5672 opinions!) I learn the ebook as soon as lengthy, way back — someday through the mid-Nineties. I’ve referred to it from time to time because the years have passed by, however largely I’ve forgotten its classes.

Or so I believed.

In actuality, it seems that a lot of my private philosophy is much like the precepts Covey covers. It’s surprising, the truth is, simply how a lot of my private and monetary philosophies align with these offered in Seven Habits. I have never consciously or intentionally emulated his teachings, however I’ve wound up in the identical place nonetheless.

For these unfamiliar, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People are as follows:

  1. Be proactive. Take duty in your personal life. Take the initiative and do not merely settle for what you are given. (Here are my ideas on turning into proactive.)
  2. Begin with the top in thoughts. Have a plan in your life. Know the place you need to go — and why. Like me, Covey is a proponent of writing a private mission assertion.
  3. Put first issues first. Sort out your priorities (which is far simpler to do when you will have an finish in thoughts). Focus your consideration on the issues which can be pressing and essential. Covey’s “big rocks” metaphor comes from this part.
  4. Think win-win. When potential, search mutually useful options to issues. Don’t be adversarial. Help others obtain their goals as you obtain yours.
  5. Seek first to undertand, then to be understood. Don’t be in a rush to be proper. Listen to what others are saying. (Truly hear.) Practice empathy. I really feel like it is a seldom-practiced ability in fashionable society, which is why I urge folks to apply monetary empathy.
  6. Synergize. Find methods to work with others with the intention to obtain mutual goals and attain issues that you simply could not do alone.
  7. Sharpen the noticed. Make time for private renewal. Keep your way of life balanced. Pursue self-improvement.

It’s additionally price noting that apparently Covey is liable for coining the phrases “abundance mindset” and “scarcity mindset”. (That’s what Wikipedia says, anyhow. I’d must do additional analysis earlier than I really accepted this as a truth.) I too consider strongly that every of us ought to foster an abundance mindset, when potential.

While there’s a lot that is the identical between my philosophy and Covey’s, issues aren’t fully an identical.

Covey talks about dependence and independence, as I do, however he takes issues to a different stage by discussing interdependence. I like this. Independence, Covey says, is superior to dependence. It’s higher to be self-reliant than to rely on others to meet your wants. But, he says, it is even higher to work collectively to realize widespread goals. The entire is larger than the sum of its elements.

I agree with him, however I have never (but) integrated this perception as a part of my life philosophy. Perhaps I’ll within the close to future.

Covey goes down some rabbit holes that I do not discover significantly essential. (I simply listened to a half-hour phase on the values that make up our private “centers”. Meh.) Plus, he frequently praises human beings as completely different in “kind” from different animals versus completely different “in degree”. I disagree with him 100%. (I consider that people are simply one other animal, and there is nothing significantly exceptional about us aside from we’re presently the dominant species on the planet.)

Small quibbles apart, I’m discovering The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People to be a exceptional ebook exactly as a result of its philosophy is so aligned with my very own. When I learn it at age 25, I dismissed it as self-help pap. I used to be improper. Or, extra exactly, I wasn’t able to understand its knowledge.

I’m undecided how my philosophy ended up so carefully aligned with Covey’s. It’s very potential that studying this ebook 25+ years in the past planted seeds in my unconscious which have grown over time and now have produced fruit that resemble his. But it is also potential that my beliefs are merely a by-produce of age and expertise, that many individuals attain these similar conclusions in time.

Anyhow, I’m keen to complete my work as we speak on the household field manufacturing facility. Once I run payroll and meet with our accountant, I’ll drive again to Corvallis. And after I do, I’ll hear to a different 90 minutes of Seven Habits. I am unable to wait!