7 Health Foods You Can Make for a Fraction of the Cost

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Home-cooked meals grew to become the norm for a lot of through the pandemic, and at-home cooks usually sought nutritious meals to spice up well being and (hopefully!) keep away from illness. Other shoppers had been already consuming “health food” lengthy earlier than COVID-19.

As with something, you can find fads amongst well being meals. Unfortunately, foodie fads are usually actually costly — except you make them your self, which could be a lot simpler than you suppose.

Not solely will you lower your expenses once you make or develop wholesome meals your self, however you’ll additionally know what’s in it – and what’s not in it.

Making or rising a few of your individual substances additionally helps cut back sodium and sugar, in addition to keep away from pesticides and preservatives. All that plus large monetary financial savings. What’s to not love?

Here are a number of stylish treats made gloriously low cost.

1. Kombucha

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Kombucha is a fermented beverage made with a symbiotic tradition of micro organism and yeast, referred to as a scoby. Some consider kombucha affords well being advantages similar to improved digestion and a strengthened immune system.

The science remains to be out on that, however “booch” is a giant vendor within the U.S.: More than $703 million price is consumed per yr as of 2020. That quantity doesn’t embody gross sales from comfort shops, Costco, Trader Joe’s and sure different retailers.

It additionally doesn’t embody the kombucha brewed by shoppers. An article on the Kitchn web site, “How to Make Kombucha Tea at Home,” offers the nuts and bolts of the pretty easy course of.

Note: Kombucha brewing requires endurance. Just making the scoby means ready two to 4 weeks for it to develop. You may additionally purchase it at a health-food retailer or on-line, however making your individual can prevent a bundle. Either method, a scoby is self-renewing and can be utilized again and again.

Store-bought kombucha runs round $3.99 for 16 ounces, I’ve discovered. That’s nearly $32 a gallon! If you make your individual scoby and have already got some teabags and sugar available, 16 ounces of homebrewed booch prices about 75 cents. Bonus: You can taste the drink any method you want with fruits, herbs and even sweet.

2. Pea protein powder

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Beloved by vegans and bodybuilders, this powder is a healthful supply of plant-based protein that’s freed from allergens like gluten.

How a lot does this surprise meals price you? Anywhere from $5.99 to $17.99 per pound, I’ve discovered.

Or you can also make pea protein powder at house — with only one ingredient and quarter-hour, in response to the weblog Health My Lifestyle. Here’s how:

  • Process some dried cut up peas in a blender, spice grinder or meals processor.
  • Put the consequence by way of a sieve and re-grind what stays.
  • That’s it. You’re completed.

The price: about $1.19 to $1.49 a pound, primarily based on my analysis. If you should buy dried peas in bulk, it’ll be even cheaper.

3. Oat milk

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The marketplace for this plant-based beverage has soared currently and is projected to succeed in $995 million globally by 2027. It’s inexpensive than soy milk, nevertheless it ain’t low cost, coming in at 56 cents to $1.52 per cup, I’ve discovered.

Would you pay that a lot for a cup of dairy milk? Didn’t suppose so. And because it’s not a lot work to make this beverage at house, you don’t need to go broke to go dairy-free. The article “How to Make Oat Milk” on the weblog Real Food Real Deals affords directions plus two insider ideas for finest outcomes.

The fundamentals: Whirl some rolled oats with water and ice cubes in a blender, then let the outcomes drip by way of a fabric bag or cloth-lined sieve or colander. (You can stir in a little bit of maple syrup, honey or vanilla extract, in case you like.) The consequence: a creamy addition to espresso, smoothies, cereal or flavored drinks for simply 3 to 12.5 cents per cup.

4. Overnight oats

Woman eating overnight oatsAlexey Borodin / Shutterstock.com

Also referred to as “soaked oats,” that is basically raw oatmeal drenched in milk (dairy or non) after which flavored with sweetener, fruit, nuts, seeds or a mixture thereof and left to steep within the fridge in a single day.

Quaker now sells a 19-ounce canister of “Overnight Oats” which is presently priced at $3.88 at Walmart. That comes out to about 20 cents per ounce. Various producers additionally promote teeny-tiny cups of flavored in a single day oats which are a lot costlier, working 36 to 56 cents per ounce, primarily based on my analysis.

Those Quaker in a single day oats canisters simply include … oats. They’re thicker-cut, however they’re nonetheless simply … oats.

You also can use extraordinary rolled oats, which price as little as about 9 cents per ounce for the grocery store generic model, I’ve discovered. Stir in twice as a lot liquid as oats and depart them within the fridge in a single day. The subsequent morning, add your alternative of mix-ins.

5. Microgreens

Woman making a salad with microgreensronstik / Shutterstock.com

Microgreens are greater than sprouts however haven’t reached the baby-salad-greens stage. They’re a nutrient-rich addition to salads, sandwiches and stir-fries.

They’re additionally a expensive addition: You can simply pay $2.28 per ounce or extra for small containers of microgreens at supermarkets and health-food shops. That works out to $36.48 a pound. Ouch.

Or you may attempt slightly DIY microgreenery, indoors or out. It’s fairly easy: Scatter a number of seeds on trays or different containers of soil and maintain them moist. Within a few weeks, a good little mini-forest of vegetation can be prepared to reap. (Penn State Extension affords a step-by-step rising information.)

Pro tip: Look for seed packs on the greenback retailer. If microgreens change into a megahit together with your family, you may supply seed in bulk in a while.

6. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurtDani Vincek / Shutterstock.com

I’ve been making my very own yogurt for years, and there’s not a lot to it: Heat some milk, cool it down a bit, add a starter and maintain it heat for eight to 12 hours. (I clarify the finer factors in “Frugal Hack: Homemade Yogurt.”)

Because I choose the milder style and thicker texture of Greek yogurt, I let it drip by way of a cloth-lined colander. We save the drained-off whey for cooking initiatives, together with rustic bread.

The price of store-bought Greek yogurt is anyplace from $4.29 to $5.99 a quart, I’ve discovered. My selfmade model prices about $1.30 to $3.14, relying on whether or not milk is on sale. When I discover “manager’s special” milk (milk that’s nearing its expiration date), I pay as little as 78 cents per quart of Greek yogurt.

Here’s a cheat for many who don’t need to begin from scratch: Put some store-bought yogurt by way of that cloth-lined colander. You’re welcome.

7. Rustic bread

Loaf of homemade breadpicturepixx / Shutterstock.com

A superb loaf of bread turns leftovers or perhaps a easy can of soup right into a feast. Trouble is, rustic bread can price $6 or extra per loaf at some bakeries. Fortunately, it’s straightforward to make your individual — and there’s no must knead.

My accomplice and I exploit a bonehead-simple recipe from the weblog One Good Thing By Jillee:

  1. Stir some water (we use half water, half yogurt whey), salt and only a half-teaspoon of yeast into a few pound of flour.
  2. Cover it, and let it sit in a single day.
  3. Shape it, mist with water in case you like and bake at 450 levels in a Dutch oven, clay dish or ceramic pot.

Depending on whether or not you store at a warehouse retailer or a grocery store, you’ll pay 30 to 50 cents a pound for flour and 4 to eight cents for sufficient yeast for one loaf — in different phrases, 34 to 58 cents per loaf of rustic bread.

The 450-degree oven will have an effect on your utility prices, however we haven’t observed a serious leap. You’ll additionally want parchment paper, which you may get on the greenback retailer. We’ve reused the identical piece of paper as much as 4 instances.

This bread makes very good toast the subsequent day. That is, if there’s any left — it truly is that good.

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