GG2U Review, Earning Guide, Stats, and Features

GG2U is a gamer-oriented GPT website with a big number of paid duties, affords, and distinctive bonus alternatives, however is it value signing up?

In this GG2U assessment and incomes information, we”ll break everything down, including whether or not GG2U is legit, who can join, how safe it is, how it works, the earning potential, and more. All backed by first-hand experience, reviews, insights, and data from real GG2U users.

Key Points ⚡

Minimum Age 13
Location(s) Worldwide
Platform(s) Web
Avg. $/hour $1.81
Avg. Work Volume A few opportunities a week
Avg. Time to 1st Withdrawal 13 days (lowest: 3 days)
Ways to Earn Surveys, watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, sign ups, referrals
Payout Options Cryptocurrency, Gift Cards, PayPal, Prepaid Credit Card
Minimum Payout $7
Payment Speed 1 days
Signup Bonus $1

Review Process

The guide portions of this GG2U review were written by Maher, a Redditor and verified GG2U user who had been using GG2U for around 3 months.

As part of a continued effort, we’ve so far surveyed a total of 9 GG2U users for the earnings data and other user insights and reviews in this guide. (Note that all earnings data is in USD)

Some of the research potions of this review along with additional editing and proofreading were done by Dylan Houlihan.

Notice something incorrect or want to help us make this review more helpful? Leave a remark or contact us.

What is GG2U?

GG2U signup page

GG2U is a GPT (Get Paid To) site that rewards users for doing simple online tasks like taking surveys, playing games, and completing offers. The site was founded in 2018 and, although it’s similar to many other GPT sites, it has some unique features like payout bonuses and paid radio listening opportunities that really set it apart.

We’ll go into more depth and detail on how all of this works below.

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About the Company

GG2U logo
  • Founded: 2018
  • Legal identify: GG2U LLC
  • Parent firm: N/A
  • Located: General Counsel, 20 Sterling Road, Wellesley, MA 02482, USA
  • Founder(s): Unkown
  • Socials: Twitter
  • Contact details: (for general support requests) • (for general support requests) • (for privacy/data requests) • (for business inquiries)

Legit Check

Conducted on January 10, 2022.

Here are some reasons why we believe GG2U is legit:

  • Founded in 2018, GG2U has had some time to prove itself. Not a super long time, but the company has been around for long enough to build a reputation.
  • Social presence is there and sentiment is positive overall. 
  • Although the site isn’t the fanciest or flashiest, it works well and provides a lot of transparency to the user. Content on the site is well-written, there are no outlandish earnings claims, it’s easy to learn more about how the site works, and the legal policies are easy to find.
  • It’s free to sign up and start earning.
  • Minimum payout threshold is quite reasonable.
  • They pay (proof).
  • Reviews of GG2U throughout the web are generally positive and GG2U seems quite active in responding and resolving to reviewers’ concerns. 

And here are the red flags we found surrounding GG2U:

  • Information about the company is hard to find. We couldn’t find any reliable info on when GG2U was founded (we used the Internet Wayback Machine to estimate) or who the founders of the company are. A company address was found (listed above), but it just goes to a regular house on Google Maps, so there’s no real confirmation about anything there. We were able to locate this business entity summary, but it doesn’t tell us much either. 
  • From GG2U’s terms: “GG2U also reserves the right to change, suspend, or cancel its rewards program without prior notice, which could potentially result in Member losing GG2U Points, XP, GG2U Video Points, GG2U Coins, tokens, or earnings that were accrued.” This supports the idea that, since the founders are unknown, GG2U could at some point just run away with whatever earnings are on the platform any time they want. Of course, this would be a really dumb move business-wise, assuming they’re profitable. 


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Is GG2U Legit?

Yes, GG2U is legit. Although we couldn’t find any reliable info on the founder(s) of the company, that was really the only red flag we could find, and might just indicate that the founders would prefer to stay private. Seeing as they’ve been running GG2U legitimately and ethically since 2018, paying users and providing a good experience, we don’t believe it suggests that GG2U could be a scam. 

Of course, just because GG2U is legit doesn’t mean it’s a worthwhile opportunity for everyone. Keep reading for more details on how GG2U works, how much you can expect to earn with them, and more.

Note: Have proof or evidence that we should know about? Leave a remark or contact us.

GG2U Payment Proof

To further show that GG2U is legit, here are a few PayPal payment proofs from our guide writer:

GG2U PayPal payment proof 1
GG2U PayPal payment proof 2
GG2U PayPal payment proof 3

Who Can Join? (Requirements)

  • Age requirement: Must be 13 years or older.
    • Note: Those under 18 will need permission and supervision from a parent or guardian.
  • Country requirements: Worldwide
  • Device requirements: Web
  • Payout requirements: No strict requirements (more details below).
  • Skill requirements: None.
  • Other requirements: None.

Safety Inspection

Conducted on January 10, 2022.

  • SSL certificate? Yes
  • Privacy policy: Here
  • Terms of Service: Here
  • Personal data collected from GG2U users:
    • For signup: first name, email address, username, password, country
    • Potentially/optionally: state/province, gender, and date of birth. 
    • Payout information: e.g. PayPal address, email address, etc.
    • May be asked for if GG2U suspects a VPN/fraud/etc. (not common): ID verification. This might include providing a copy of your driver’s license (both front and back) and a recent utility bill showing your name and mailing address.
  • Do they have reasonable data sharing practices? Yes, some data like your payment information may be shared with the relevant third-parties (e.g. the gift card provider or PayPal), but that’s to be expected. 
  • Do they sell user data? No.
  • Can you opt out? You can opt-out of GG2U’s email marketing campaigns by using the unsubscribe link. It’s not clear in the privacy policy, but you should be able to opt-out of other data collection by emailing
  • Do they protect user data? Yes. “We designed our website and our procedures with data protection in mind. We are based in the United States, and all data we collect is stored on machines located in the United States.”
  • Can you delete your account and data? Yes. Send an email to with “Delete My Account” as the subject.
  • How long is data kept? “We will only keep all of this information as long as you remain a member of GG2U unless we are legally required to keep it for a longer period.”
  • Have they ever had a data breach? No, not that we could find.
  • Any other safety/health risks? No, just be sure to get off the PC every now and then!

Is GG2U Safe?

GG2U, in our eyes, is pretty safe to use. They don’t ask for a lot of personal information from users and will only ask you to prove your identity if they suspect something suspicious with your account.

As with most GPT sites, the biggest thing you have to be aware of and cautious of with GG2U is the third parties that the site will refer you to. These third parties will provide tasks that may ask you to provide demographic and potentially personal information. You should read their privacy policies to see exactly how that data is used. 

Also, you’ll need to watch out for scammy offers. If an offer looks too good to be true, is asking you to download sketchy software, or is asking for information you’re not comfortable providing, you’re better off just avoiding it completely and/or contacting the third-party hosting the offer for more information first.

In the end, as long as you’re careful and follow general internet safety protocols, you should be okay using GG2U.

Tip: Use a secondary email address and a fresh, strong password when creating your GG2U account.

Note: To see how actual users feel about GG2U’s safety, read our 9 GG2U user reviews.

Obligatory disclaimer: Nothing on the internet is 100% safe or private. The above are opinions based on our independent research. Please take caution and do your own due diligence.

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GG2U Support Quality

GG2U is open and transparent about how to get into contact with them. They list their two main contact methods (email and discord) directly on the homepage of their website.

That said, they don’t give an average response time or state how often their customer support team is available. After emailing them, they told me most support requests are handled within 12-36 hours. “It is rare for it to reach 48 hours and almost never longer than that.”

Based on reviews found throughout the web, experiences with GG2U’s customer support seem to be mostly positive. The only negative experiences we could find seemed to come from users who had breached GG2U’s terms. GG2U seems to respond to most critical reviews as well, which is good to see.

Here are the support experiences we gathered from the 9 GG2U workers we’ve surveyed:

Yes, I contacted support once because an offer didn’t credit. They manually credited for me within a couple of hours. They were very quick and helpful.


Yes because you need to verify during first cashout they did verify me. Also he is a cool guy


Yes, I Dmed the owner and he helped me get credited for an uncredited offer. He responded quickly, and had all the info I needed.


Yes. They were very quick to reply (2-3 hours), and were very helpful in solving the problem — they’ll tell me outright if they don’t know how to solve it.


Yes about payment. They helped me.


Support is honestly amazing, and that is because of the Discord support option. This way they allow a fast communication line between us and the support team. They usually reply within 4 hours from when you contact them (or even faster) and they are usually helpful. I once downloaded an app and was not credited for it, but when I contacted them they credited me within the same day and it was a complete satisfaction knowing this site actually cares for their community.


As you can see, not a bad support experience in sight! That’s great to see.

Note: Have you had experience with GG2U support? Leave a review below.

How Does GG2U Work?

GG2U works very equally to most different GPT sites. They make the majority of their money by referring users like you and I to their partners’ surveys and offers. They then share the profits with us (the users), and everyone wins.

GG2U earning opportunities

After signing up for GG2U, you’ll be met with a variety of earning opportunities (pictured above). Some examples of the main ones you’ll find include:

  1. Gaming offers: Downloading games and reaching a certain level within a time limit. 
  2. Special offers: Signing up to websites and apps (which may or may not include paying a certain amount).
  3. Surveys: Answering questions and quizzes.
  4. Videos: Watch videos and earn.

After completing enough offers to rack up at least $7 (700 GG2U points), you can cash out your earnings via the options below.

Keep reading for more details on:

  • GG2U’s overall earning potential
  • Ways to make money on GG2U
  • How to cash out your GG2U earnings
  • Additional features
  • How to get started
  • And more!

GG2U Earning Potential

We did a deep dive into GG2U’s earning potential, looking at two main attributes:

  1. Pay rate
  2. Work availibility

For each of these, we looked at GG2U’s earning potential claims and we also surveyed GG2U users to get a real idea of how much you can expect to earn. All findings are below.

Pay Rate Potential

The only indication of pay rate potential I could find on GG2U’s website was this quote: “Some new members can earn enough for their first payout within minutes of joining.”

Of course, that’s not revealing much. And that’s probably a good thing. GG2U keeps it real and doesn’t overpromise any absurd earnings. 

However, they do say that they share around 65%-85% of their earnings with users, which is a good rate. They say competitors typically share just 40%-60%. That means the same offer on GG2U might pay 20+% less on another GPT site.

We did some research to see how true this was, and results were mixed. In some cases, GG2U did pay 20+% more than another GPT site. In other cases, their payments were actually less. It all depends on the offer wall, offer, and day. 

Tip: If you really want to get the most out of the GPT offers you complete, sign up for multiple GPT sites and apps and compare offers across a few sites before completing one. 

User Statistics: Average and Median Pay Rate

Based on 9 GG2U users that we’ve surveyed so far, here are the stats we gathered on GG2U’s pay rate potential:

  • Avg. $/hour: $1.81
  • Median $/hour: $2.11
  • Highest $/hour: $6
  • Lowest $/hour: $0.70
  • Avg. $/month: $27.91
  • Median $/month: $19.95
  • Highest $/month: $100
  • Lowest $/month: $5

Work Availability

GG2U doesn’t indicate how much work you can expect to have available on the site. As with most GPT sites and survey sites, it’ll vary greatly depending on your demographics.

User Statistics: How Often is Work Available?

We asked 9 GG2U users, “How often is worthwhile work available on GG2U?”

Here are their responses:

  • 11.1% said less than a few times a month
  • 44.4% said a few times a month
  • 11.1% said a few times a week
  • 33.3% said a few times a day
  • 0% said almost always
  • 0% said always
  • 0% said other

Read the full user reviews below for more details behind these numbers.

Note: All user statistics are updated in intervals as we survey more users. Sign up here to stay up to date + receive exclusive content.

Bottom Line?

GG2U is meant to be used as a source of extra income. It won’t provide consistent part-time or full-time work availability, and the work you will find doesn’t pay very much money.

GG2U Review and Rating Breakdown


GG2U, in terms of GPT sites, is a good option. It offers competitive pay rates, a large selection of tasks and offer walls, great support, plenty of payout options, and a set of unique features. However, as with most GPT sites, don’t expect GG2U to replace your day job. 

Rating Breakdown

The Overall Hustle Rating (above) is a weighted average that takes all of the individual ratings below into consideration, with pay rate and work availability holding the most weight. This gives you an idea of how this hustle stacks up against others in the Hustle Finder.

Pay Rate 1.2/5

Based on real user data, you can expect to earn around $1.81/hour with GG2U.

Work Availability 1.7/5

The majority of users we surveyed reported receiving work from GG2U between a few times a month and a few times a day. Average earnings per month are $27.91.

Payout Options 5/5

GG2U affords an ideal and numerous number of payout choices.

Payout Minimum 3/5

GG2U has a reasonable payout minimum of $7.

Payout Speed 4/5

Payments from GG2U typically take 1 day or less.

Support 5/5

GG2U support is easy to contact and quick and helpful with their replies.

Safety 3/5

GG2U is mostly safe, you’ll just have to be cautious when accessing third-party websites/tasks/offers through them.

User Experience 3/5

Everything else aside, the overall user/work experience on GG2U is okay.

The good: it’s easy to use, some of the tasks can be enjoyable, the opportunities are all flexible and can be done at any time, and the site is bug-free.

The bad: no real benefits or perks, the work isn’t exactly fulfilling or meaningful, there’s no job security, no way to socialize with fellow workers on the site, and no growth opportunities.

How to Make Money With GG2U

There are a large variety of ways to make money with GG2U, with a range of different projects and tasks available. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common opportunities (and where they’re found):

1. Gaming Offers

GG2U gaming offers examples

These types of offers are common on GPT sites. Here’s how they typically work:

  1. Find a game on GG2U that you haven’t played or downloaded before. To find the gaming offers, head to the page Earn and click on the black box Gaming Offers where you will be met with the games. 
  2. Check the payout requirements. The games have a time limit and a certain goal (e.g. reach a certain level in the game).
  3. Download the game on your phone and work toward the goals.

Pretty simple. This can be a nice way to discover new mobile games and the payouts can be quite high for certain offers. For example, some gaming offers might only take a couple of minutes a day to complete but might end up paying $20+ for completion.

Availability and earnings of the games can differ between countries.


  • Play a game while doing other tasks
  • Don’t forget to open games daily as they can have daily gifts that will boost your progress
  • You can make in-game purchases to speed up your progress, but this will eat into your profits

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2. Surveys

Another common earning opportunity on GPT sites: filling surveys for cash. This typically involves giving your opinion on a certain topic or sharing things like your shopping habits.

GG2U surveys page

GG2U has a number of survey routers to select from, with varied surveys out there and ranging pay charges on every. To discover the principle survey affords, Go to the Earn web page and click on on the black Surveys field.

Survey availability and pay charges will range vastly by nation and demographics.

Tip: Always take your time on surveys and make sure you don’t rush through them as there are many trap questions that will cause you to get disqualified.

3. Special Offers

Special offer examples

Special affords are primarily paid sponsorships. Here, GG2U can pay you to join sure providers, trial affords, web sites, and apps. 

Some affords would require a bank card, however these are fully non-obligatory.

To discover the particular affords, go to the Earn web page and click on on the black Special affords field. You may also often discover particular affords as bulletins on the high of the principle Earn web page:

Exclusive offer announcements on GG2U homepage


  • Although the websites/apps should be legit as they’re vetted by GG2U, it’s still recommended to do your due diligence before providing credit card information.
  • If signing up for a free trial, don’t forget to cancel it before they charge your credit card.
  • Keep apps downloaded for the set time period required. Otherwise, your earnings may be reversed.

4. Videos

Paid videos page

Paid videos on GG2U are provided through, one of what seems to be the last remaining providers of this type of opportunity. They used to have another paid video provider called Channel Watcher, but it seems to be gone now. With Channel Watcher, you would get 2 Video Points every 10 minutes of videos watched.

Video Points are separate from the main GG2U coins. Once you earn 200 of them, you’ll receive a Silver Token. This can be exchanged for a guaranteed $1.60, or you can use it to spin a wheel that awards anywhere from $1-$3.

With, you get a varying number of Video Points when you watch videos and click on ads. 

Accumulating Video Points takes a long time. However, if you can multitask and leave the videos playing while doing something else, it might be worthwhile. Or hey, if you simply want to discover new content, this can be a good way to do that while making a few cents. 

To find the Video offers, go to the Earn page and click on the black Videos box.

5. Offer Walls

Offer Walls are third-party task providers that you can access through GG2U and other GPT sites. They contain a combination of all of the different earning methods above.

GG2U offer walls

To discover the provide partitions, go to the Earn web page. Some of the provide partitions you may discover embrace OfferToro, AdGem, AdGatemedia, Peanut Labs, Wannads, Revenue Universe, Lootably, and extra.

6. Radio Listening

This is a comparatively new alternative on GG2U. It doesn’t pay a lot, however it’s fairly distinctive and funky.

How it really works is, you’ll be able to hearken to the GoodSport Radio by GG2U between 4 PM and 11 PM EST every weekday. During this time, you may be listening for Radio Codes. When you hear one, enter it on GG2U inside 60 seconds and also you’ll earn $0.05. 

Radio earning page

You will not earn a lot from this, however since you’ll be able to hearken to the radio whereas doing different duties, it’d increase your hourly fee a tiny bit.

Note: Your radio earnings are separate from your GG2U balance, and up to $1 will be added from them each time you cash out your main balance. 

7. Referrals

For each referral you bring to GG2U, you’ll earn 5% of all of their future cashouts, at no cost to them. So for example, if they cash out $10, you’ll get $0.50. If they cash out $100, you’ll get $5.

There’s no limit on how much you can earn from referrals, so this can be pretty lucrative!

To find your referral link, click the “Promote” tab on the GG2U website.

GG2U Point Conversion

100 GG2U points = $1. That means each GG2U point you earn is worth $0.01. 

This is nice and easy to remember, and GG2U reports your main balance in dollars anyway, so I like the way their system works. 

How to Cash Out on GG2U

Once you earn at least $7 on GG2U, you can (and should) cash out your earnings right away. This is because each time you cash out, you get closer to receiving a Golden Token

Before requesting the payout, go to the Manage Account tab on GG2U and look for the Account information link:

Payment method setup link

This is the place you’ll enter your cost data. Payout choices embrace:

  1. PayPal
  2. Coinbase Bitcoin
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Prepaid Visa
  5. Gift playing cards

With every of those strategies, funds are sometimes processed in a day or much less however may take a bit longer in some instances.

Note: After requesting a payout, some users may be asked to verify their identity by sending a photo of their driver’s license and a recent utility bill. This typically only happens if GG2U suspects something fishy with your account.

1. PayPal

  • Minimum payout: $7
  • Fees: None

If you enter your PayPal information on GG2U, that will become the default go-to payment that GG2U uses.

2. Coinbase 

This is a Bitcoin payout directly to your Coinbase email address. As mentioned above, if you want to be paid in Bitcoin, delete your PayPal payout information from your account before requesting a payout. 

3. Bitcoin

  • Minimum: $14
  • Fees: Bitcoin network fees will be subtracted from your payment

If you don’t have Coinbase, you can enter your Bitcoin wallet address followed by (e.g. This has a higher payout minimum though and will most likely be accompanied by some high Bitcoin network fees. 

4. Prepaid Visa Credit Card

These are basically as good as cash and perfect for teens who can’t receive PayPal or crypto.

5. Gift cards

GG2U gift card payout page
  • Minimum: $5-$10
  • Fees: None

GG2U has quite a lot of totally different present card choices to select from, together with:

  • Amazon
  • Steam
  • iTunes
  • Best Buy
  • GameStop
  • Nintendo
  • Walmart
  • and extra

These selections will range primarily based on the place you reside.

Once you request a present card payout, it is going to be despatched to your e-mail handle someday all through the day.

Additional GG2U Features

1. Golden Token

For every 5 payout requests (or gift card requests), you will be able to spin the Golden Prize Wheel and have a chance to get an extra $7.00 added to your account balance (so like a free extra payout). 

You will always receive at least $1.00 from this, and you’ll have a 57% chance of getting at least $3.00. 

Fun fact: GG2U claims that “Over the long run, this bonus can essentially give you an 8.4% higher rate on our surveys, videos, and offers!”

2. Stats

On GG2U, you can check your stats by clicking on the Stats Log tab. Just choose a custom date range to see all of your earnings and earning sources from that time period. 

Stats log

This is a pleasant method to preserve monitor of your earnings and see which forms of affords are performing greatest for you. 

You may also examine your referral stats within the Manage Account tab:

Referral stats selector

This will present you any new referral sign-ups, cashouts, and earnings.

3. Deals and Resources

Examples of deals and resources

This part accommodates some random affords from GG2U, nothing too particular.

4. Promo Codes

GG2U often makes use of its social media to post promo codes that you can type in the Manage Account tab. These will instantly reward you with $0.25-$1 or more. 

Promo code entry area

Keep in thoughts, you need to be fast with these because the promo codes expire after some time.

GG2U Reviews From Users

We’ve currently gathered a total of 9 GG2U reviews from users who gave GG2U an average rating of 4.2/5.

Each reviewer was given a small incentive for providing their unbiased thoughts and feedback.

Prestigious_Ruin_164 (4/5)

September 13, 2021 • Reddit

  • From: United States
  • Age: 25
  • User for: 6 months
  • Total earned: $80.00
  • Avg. $/hour: $4
  • Avg. $/month: $30
  • Receives work: A few times a week
  • Time to first withdrawal: 4 days
  • Favorite way(s) to earn: Surveys

Overall thoughts? Compared to other sites they are a source of high-paying surveys although the surveys are rare.

Would you recommend it to others? Yes as a side hustle because the earnings are not very high and one cannot become rich from it.

How’s the user experience? No major bugs or any glitches encountered

Any safety concerns? No they do not require too much information to sign up and the one required is used for survey matching

Tips for new users? Survey profile completion is key to determine whether you qualify for surveys.


  • They have very high paying surveys compared to other survey sites


  • Limted number of surveys are available making it unreliable

Lyra Linkinson (3.5/5)

September 10, 2021

  • From: Hong Kong
  • Age: 19
  • User for: 2 months
  • Total earned: $12
  • Avg. $/hour: $3
  • Avg. $/month: $10
  • Receives work: Less than a few times a month
  • Time to first withdrawal: 40 days
  • Favorite way(s) to earn: Special offers, videos, surveys

Overall thoughts? It’s honestly one of the best sites (I feel) to earn small bits of money here and there, and it’s gained some of the best reputations for being a reliable site. Again, you won’t earn tons of money, but that’s the same for any online GPT site, and maybe you can get some for presents or other things.

Would you recommend it to others? I would recommend this site to anyone who wants to make a small amount of money on the side of their real job or even a side-side job. It’s one of the best paying sites, it’s not a scam it actually PAYS you, and the activities on there are sometimes interesting: they pay you for things you might already do.

How’s the user experience? I personally think that the site is pretty easy to use. Everything is clearly labeled and it doesn’t take long to find out where everything is, even if you’re completely new to the GG2U. The colours are nice and bold, and everything stands out well.

Any safety concerns? No, I think that the site is pretty safe to use. For surveys, yes you do have to fill in some personal information but if you want to earn money on the internet without doing anything in return then it’s almost a given. Other than that they don’t ask for anything unusual, and you know what you’re getting into when you sign up.

Tips for new users? Again, like I said, avoid the deals that seem too good to be true. Don’t do the tasks that require you to pay money — if you’re doing this and making literal cents from each task you do, you probably don’t have that much money and you shouldn’t waste it on making purchases for games you’re never going to use again.


  • High payout rates for all offers, even if sometimes they’re a bit hard to complete it’s usually worth it for the payout
  • There are lots of different earning opportunities
  • If you’re a loyal user, there’s something called a golden wheel – where if you withdraw five payouts, you can spin a wheel and, for free, get anything from $1 – $7.


  • Users must earn at least $7 before cashing out. This takes quite a long time (personally it took about a month and a bit, but to be fair I didn’t use it that often)
  • The surveys in GG2U usually have quite high disqualification rates. They’re the best way to earn, too, which can sometimes get rather annoying.

NashiTsuki (5/5)

September 8, 2021 • Reddit

  • From: Philippines
  • Age: 19
  • User for: 19 months
  • Total earned: $596
  • Avg. $/hour: $1.50
  • Avg. $/month: $100
  • Receives work: A few times a day
  • Time to first withdrawal: 0 days
  • Favorite way(s) to earn: Adgate offerwall

Overall thoughts? I only recommend it if you want to earn extra money. The time spent isn’t really worth it (the same can be said for other GPT sites, of course!).

Would you recommend it to others? Yes. I would mostly recommend it to teenagers looking to earn some cash in their free time. The app offers/surveys are very time-consuming, so I don’t think that it is a good replacement for a regular job.

How’s the user experience? The site is easy to use. There are no intrusive ads, and the site design looks simple.

Any safety concerns? Not at all! As long as I am not using VPN or other prohibited tools, I won’t be asked for an ID verification. They only require a username, password, and my PayPal/bitcoin address.

Tips for new users? I recommend using Dynata if you love surveys since it pays out $0.70 for every survey you take; Dynata surveys are replenished weekly. Users from First World countries often get the highest rates (surveys can payout up to $10 and app offers can payout up to $50/$100) since advertisers are willing to pay more.


  • Bonus money after cashing out 5 times (I won $7 twice before, but I usually get $3 or $1)
  • Helpful site owners (they reply quickly!)
  • Multiple offerwalls available. All of my favorite offerwalls are on GG2u.


  • Some surveys/app offers are just too time-consuming
  • Usually, there aren’t a lot of surveys available every week or every other week
  • Low pay for offers (advertisers don’t usually pay much for users in my country)

CulturalTreat8006 (3.5/5)

September 1, 2021 • Reddit

  • From: Uganda
  • Age: 20
  • User for: 2 months
  • Total earned: $50
  • Avg. $/hour: $1
  • Avg. $/month: $30
  • Receives work: A few times a month
  • Time to first withdrawal: 5 days
  • Favorite way(s) to earn: Surveys
  • Least favorite way(s) to earn: Playing games

Overall thoughts? This is arguably one of the best GPT sites right now because it has multiple earning options and also has reliable partners hence there is a consistent work flow

Would you recommend it to others? Yes i would recommend this site over some other GPT Sites since it has a higher earning capacity.

How’s the user experience? My experience with them has been a positive one since no bugs and major glitches that affect their site.

Any safety concerns? No red flags have been raised over their data protection policy. User data is safe.

Tips for new users? Complete your profile survey and update it from time to time.


  • It has multiple earning activities to choose from


  • Sometimes you will fill the demographic questions only to be disqualified.

Anonymous User (4/5)

August 12, 2021

  • From: Israel
  • Age: 17
  • User for: 19 months
  • Total earned: $510.00
  • Avg. $/hour: $2
  • Avg. $/month: $30
  • Receives work: A few times a month
  • Time to first withdrawal: 6 days
  • Favorite way(s) to earn: Surveys, casino offers

Overall thoughts? I love it. Its easy to workaround, and contains a fair amount of offers to receive some money on the side

Would you recommend it to others? 100%. I would recommend it to everybody looking to get into GPT work, and has some time to spend on it. Its easy to use, and high paying.

How’s the user experience? But the country based offers, bloody great. Customer service is best online.

Any safety concerns? Nope, it never asks for any information I am not comfortable answering.

Tips for new users? Do the 0.8 bucks surveys, and the 0.7 buck ones.


  • It’s easy to work around your favorite offerwalls
  • It’s crazy easy to contact the owner, just dm him on Discord!


  • Survey amount is very country dependent. The fact I’m in israel makes it so I get about a fifth of my mates surveys amount
  • Sometimes offers wont pay up your credit.

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GG2U Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Flexible opportunity. 
  • Easy work. No training or prior experience is required. You can really just sign up and get started.
  • Good, easy-to-reach support team.
  • Variety of earning opportunities.
  • Mobile-friendly website. GG2U has no mobile app. However, the site works nicely on a mobile web browser and there are mobile earning opportunities available. 
  • No inactivity fees. By the looks of it, GG2U won’t suspend you or take away your earnings for being inactive like a few other GPT sites. 
  • $1 sign up bonus is available. Just sign up using this link.

The Bad

  • Low earning potential. Tasks you’ll find on GG2U typically just don’t pay a lot, and that’s made apparent by the user reported earning statistics.
  • Good for extra money only. This isn’t a long-term career opportunity or a very good skill-builder. There are no growth opportunities or strong learning opportunities.
  • No community features. Many GPT sites these days feature live chat or forums. GG2U has neither.

Is GG2U Worth It?

GG2U might be worth your time if you want to make some extra cash on the side without much effort. The site is easy to use, there are plenty of opportunities/tasks/offers to choose from, and getting paid is pretty seamless. Just don’t expect to earn much!

If you’re looking for higher hourly earnings or passive income, look elsewhere.

How to Get Started on GG2U

Getting started on GG2U is easy. Here are a few things to know beforehand:

  • Don’t use GG2U while traveling. If you’re traveling in a different country, refrain from doing any GG2U offers. Most of the tasks won’t credit properly due to fraud prevention.
    • Note: If you ever move to a different country, you can email to let them know, and they can update that for your account.
  • Don’t use a VPN. Similar to the above, most offer walls and survey routers will detect and block (or ban) any VPN users. Don’t use them here.
  • Payment addresses can only be used on one account. You cannot use the same PayPal or Coinbase email on different accounts.
  • Don’t create multiple accounts. That includes having multiple people in your house using GG2U. Unless you have permission, this goes against the terms.

Step 1. Sign Up

Signup page

To join, go to and create an account by providing your first name, email, username, password, and country of residence. 

Tip: Sign up here for a $1 bonus. 

Step 2: Browse the Site

Next, go through the site and familiarize yourself with the earning opportunities. Check what games are offered and what survey routers are available to you. You can also take some time to start filling out survey profiles for survey routers like Pollfish. 

Step 3: Start earning

Once you have an idea of a few offers you’d like to complete, get going! Over time you’ll figure out which tasks work best for your demographic, and your earnings will increase.

Good luck!

GG2U Alternatives

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  2. Qmee
  3. Swagbucks
  4. ySense
  5. Cointiply
  6. Treasure Trooper
  7. Eureka Surveys
  8. Toluna
  9. Surveytime
  10. Clickworker

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Final Thoughts

Hope you found this review of GG2U helpful! If you did, please consider sharing it to spread the word — one share helps more than you know!

GG2U review: is it worth it?

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