10+ Places to Sell Your Poop For Money

Dream of getting paid to poop? It”s now possible to make that dream a reality!

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can sell your poop for money…and save lives while you’re at it. Time to turn those number twos into gold!

How Does Getting Paid to Poop Work?

Ok, first off: we’re not talking about getting paid to poop at work.

Although that’s a viable strategy (each minute spent on the pooper while you’re on the clock is a minute of paid pooping time), it’s not really a real money-making endeavor. If you start taking hour-plus long poops, people might notice. You also might get hemorrhoids if you spend too long on the toilet. Oof.

Anyway, let’s move on…

The paid to poop method we’re going to be covering in this article actually involves saving lives. Yup. Not only are you earning money, but you’re also actually helping real people with your poop.


With something called a fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT). This is a type of medical procedure that involves mixing and depositing the poo (along with the community of gut bacteria that comes along with it) of a healthy stool donor into the digestive tract of a sick person. This can help treat or prevent illness.

Most commonly, FMT is used to treat something called clostridioides difficile (or c. difficile). This is a germ that can produce toxins that kill cells and cause inflammation. Common symptoms include nausea and diarrhea, and, left untreated, the bacteria can also be deadly. 

According to OpenBiome, c. difficile affects around 500,000 people in just the U.S. each year, leading to around 30,000 deaths.

So, by donating your poop for money, you can make a big difference in other people’s lives. 

FMT can also be used to treat other illnesses including “autoimmune and metabolic disorders, neuropsychiatric conditions, and cancer” (Source: OpenBiome)

Keep in mind, because your poop is going to be used for healing other people, you will need to pass a screening process in order to become an approved donor…

Eligibility Requirements: Can You Sell Your Poop for Cash?

All poop donation locations have slightly different eligibility requirements, so be sure to check each individually.

Here are some common requirements for getting paid to poop:

  • Age: Most stool donors are required to be no older than 60 years old. Requirements vary by location.
  • Health: Besides just being young, stool donors should also be healthy, fit, and active. Common requirements include:
    • No history or previous diagnosis of things like cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, or inflammatory or autoimmune diseases.
    • No recent use of antibiotics.
    • Healthy weight (not underweight or overweight).
    • No drug use.
    • No tobacco smoking.
    • No history of chronic diarrhea.
    • Must not work in healthcare.
    • and more.

Again, this is not a definitive list, so be sure to check each donation program individually.

That said, the requirements are typically pretty strict! Those who are accepted to donate stool for money can consider themselves to have very desirable poops! Weird flex I guess…

Speaking of:

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Your Poop?

Most stool donation locations seem to pay around $30-$100 for each stool donation. And most places expect at least 3 donations per week, with up to 7 (or more) donations being possible each week.

This means you could earn around $90-$700+ per week or up to $2,800+ per month.

On the very high end of things, one of the paid-to-poop spots below pays up to $500 per stool donation. They say you can earn up to $180,000 per year with them. That’s a crapload of money for pooping!

10+ Places to Donate Poop For Money

Ok, ready to start selling your poop? Here are some places you might be able to get started with:

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1. Good Nature Program

Goodnature donate poop for money website homepage

Earning potential:

  • Up to $25-$75 per stool donation (as much as $1,500 monthly)


  • Location: United States
  • Age: 18-50
  • Health: Regular bowel actions, regular weight, no smoking, no historical past of gastrointestinal illness, no alcohol or drug abuse, no pregnant individuals.

Steps to get began:

  1. Complete the web eligibility kind here
  2. Wait until you’re contacted for more info!

Approved stool donors will be required to donate 3-4 times per week. Donations are done in person, and by applying, they’ll let you know if there’s a donation center in your area. Donors can receive bonuses for donating more often.

2. Poop With Purpose

Poop With Purpose stool donation website homepage

Earning potential:

  • $50 per stool donation (as much as $1,500 monthly)


  • Location: Boston, United States
  • Age: 18-49
  • Health: All detailed on the applying kind (linked under)

Steps to get began:

  1. Take the web well being questionnaire here
  2. Attend an in-person clinical interview
  3. Complete blood and stool screening
  4. Donate!

Stool donors are expected to donate at least 2-3 times per week.

3. Asia Microbiota Bank

Asia Microbiota Bank become a stool donor page

Earning potential:

  • Earn as much as $4,800 monthly
  • Payment methodology is unknown


  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Age: 18-50 years outdated
  • Health: Must have a wholesome digestive system, physique mass index beneath 30, and haven’t taken any medicines or antibiotics up to now 3 months.

Steps to get began:

  1. Start by filling out their health survey.
  2. Take a blood, stool, and urine screening test.
  3. If you pass all screening tests, you’ll be an approved donor.

The approval process can take up to three weeks. Qualified donors are expected to donate a minimum of three stools per week for at least three months.

4. Number2

Number2 donate poop for money page

Earning potential:

  • “You will receive an ‘expenses’ payment to compensate you for your time and any travel expenses.”
  • The exact earning potential is unknown.
  • Paid via direct deposit to your bank account at the end of each month.


  • Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Age: 18-60 years old
  • Health: Must have regular bowel movements, not overweight or underweight, not pregnant, no smoking tobacco, no taking regularly prescribed medication, have no depression or anxiety, have no history of gastrointestinal disease or alcohol/drug abuse, and more.

Steps to get started:

  1. Sign up online and take the online health questionnaire here
  2. Attend an in-person screening session which involves more questions as well as giving blood and stool samples
  3. Start donating

Accepted donors are expected to donate a minimum of 3-4 days per week, but can donate multiple times a day if desired. Donation kits can be done at home and picked up by a driver, or done at the in-person institute.

5. Lifeblood

Lifeblood microbiome poop donation page

Earning potential:

  • Not positive whether or not or not this one pays.


  • Location: Peth, Western Australia metropolitan space
  • Age: 18-49 years outdated
  • Health: The eligibility quiz asks about top, weight, treatment utilization, gastrointestinal sickness historical past, journey habits, and whether or not or not you are a well being employee.

Steps to get began:

  1. Take the web eligibility quiz here
  2. Submit your contact details for follow-up
  3. Complete an in-person physical assessment and additional questionnaire
  4. Blood, nasal swab, throat swab, and stool samples will be collected
  5. Eligible donors will do a 2-week donation cycle

6. Amili

Amili get paid to donate stool page

Earning potential:

  • SGD$30
  • Paid by way of PayNow or financial institution switch


  • Location: Singapore
  • Age: 21 years outdated
  • Health: No well being or way of life necessities for the microbiome program. Donation is one-time solely, after which you could be thought of for his or her FMT donor program, which has extra strict well being necessities.

Steps to get began:

  1. Complete the online donor survey
  2. Send a stool sample with the provided kit
  3. Complete a second questionnaire

The above steps are for Amili’s microbiome donor program. Amili also has an FMT donor program with more strict eligibility requirements. By completing the microbiome donor program, you may be considered for the FMT program as well if you meet the standards.

7. 1000MYMicrobiome

1000MyMicrobiome become a poop donor page

Earning potential:

  • 50 RM on your participation (appears like a one-time receives a commission to poop alternative)


  • Location: Malaysia
  • Age: Unknown
  • Health: Doesn’t appear to be any particular necessities

Steps to get began:

  1. Fill out the online registration form
  2. Answer the online questionnaire
  3. Receive and complete your donation kit, which will be received via postage
  4. Get paid and receive a gut health report

This study seems to be another one-time donation and may be limited, so apply quickly if you’re interested.

8. Rebiotix

Rebiotix stool donor info page

Earning potential:

  • $30 per qualifying donation


  • Location: Roseville, Minnesota
  • Age: 18-54
  • Health: Similar necessities as different donor packages, see all of them right here

Steps to get began:

  1. Fill out the online questionnaire
  2. Complete the in-person screening process

Qualified donors are expected to donate a minimum of 3 times per week, up to 10 times per week (that would be $300 per week!).

9. BiomeBank

BiomeBank get paid to poop page

Earning potential:

  • Payment is unknown, however they do pay.


  • Location: Adelaide Metropolitan Area, Australia
  • Age: 18-50
  • Health: No lively medical issues, not pregnant, no antibiotics in final 3 months, no smoking, no intestine dysfunction, and more

Steps to get started:

  1. Fill out your contact details and online assessment here
  2. Complete the in-person clinical assessment in Thebarton which includes an interview, stool and blood screening, and a nasal swab

If approved, you’ll be set up for an 8-week donation period. Donations are done on-site and multiple donations are encouraged each week.

10. Human Microbes

Human Microbes website homepage make money selling your poop

Earning potential:

  • $500 per stool donation (as much as $180,000 per 12 months)


  • Location: Worldwide
  • Age: Under 30 years outdated (will be beneath 18 with parental consent)
  • Health: Must be in distinctive bodily and psychological well being, ideally high younger athletes. Minimal antibiotic use, a particular bristol stool kind. (Only 0.1% of donors qualify)

Steps to get began:

  1. Take the web stool donor questionnaire here
  2. Wait to hear back

Approved donors will be required to collect their stool in a provided collection kit. They’ll then ship the samples on dry ice, which is why this opportunity is available worldwide.

11. Thaena

Thaena contract pooper page

Earning potential:


  • Location: Portland, Oregon, US
  • Age: Unclear
  • Health: Described within the quiz (under)

Steps to get began:

  1. Take the web stool donation quiz right here
  2. Wait to listen to extra

12. Achieving Cures

Achieving Cures donate your poop

Earning potential:


  • Location: Minneapolis, US
  • Age: Unclear
  • Health: Unclear

Steps to get began:

  1. Fill out the contact kind right here

13. Open Biome

OpenBiome website homepage

This is actually the most talked-about stool donation location online, but unfortunately, it’s closed to new donors at the moment.

That said, they may reopen for new donors in the future, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

How to Find Stool Donation Locations Near You

If none of the options above work for you, I’d recommend looking for clinics near you that do fecal microbiota transplants (you can use Google Maps for this). If you find some, they may have donor pages, or you can phone them and see if they are looking for new donors.

Final Thoughts

Who knew you could actually get paid to poop? I sure didn’t! Turns out a high-quality stool can be quite valuable though for research and life-saving procedures.

So, before you go flushing that brown gold down the toilet, consider looking into becoming a stool donor! You might be able to sell your poop for some extra cash while also saving lives.

Tip: For extra money-making concepts, take a look at our platform discovery software or these methods to make more money.

Get paid to poop: 10+ places to sell your stool

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